Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November 9th!

I have finished working on my speech and I don't think I will be able to post until next Monday at least, so this is good! :) I hope you enjoy!

"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength,
while loving someone deeply gives you courage."

"But when I look in the mirror, I see a girl who's been through so much
and yet still finds a way to smile at the past. She still loves with all her heart,
or what's left of it, and when you see her walk down the hall I can guarantee
you she'll have her head up high, faking a smile just one last time at all those
who try to break her but never will."

"Sometimes the feelings we start to have again are
feelings that never really went away in the first place."

"Time was passing like a hand waving from a train I wanted to be on.
I hope you never have to think about anything as much as I think about you."

"Sometimes new love comes between old friends;
sometimes the best love was the one that was already there."

"I've seen dreams that move the mountains, 
hope that doesn't ever end, even when the sky is falling.
And I've seen miracles just happen, silent prayers get answered,
broken hearts become brand new. That's what faith can do."

"It seems when you want someone, they don't want you.
And when someone wants you, you don't want them.
And when you both want each other, something
has to come around and mess it up."

"I was alive before you, so I can live without you.
Don't you doubt that, even for a fraction of a second."

"It's that school girl kind of love;
the one where you chew on your pen and look 
out the window and imagine you two getting married."

"I think even if I never met you, I would still miss you."

"You don't know me, you knew me.
You stopped listening the moment I needed you most."

"You saved me in every way a person could be saved."

"I'm not like the others. I'm very, very different.
So different in fact that you and I could never, never, ever, be together."

"You can walk into a room wearing a t-shirt and jeans,
no make-up, yet be the most attractive girl...
for at the end of the day, the world will look up to you
because you look like the next top model, but because
you are a thinking woman with opinion...fashion sense helps, 
but brains will always be more deadly than a pair of stilettos."

"I do not hate you, and have never hated you.
I was angry at you, depressed by you, and confused about you.
But hate never came into it."

"He knew he made a mistake.
You could see it on his face every time she walked into the room."

"No matter what happens, I'll always be with you. Forever."

"I love yo. That's why you should stay.
She doesn't love you. I mean, yeah, she's picking 
you right now, but she chose him last week and
chances are, there will be another guy tomorrow.
But I would choose you - every time."

"But that summer, everything changed. Suddenly he 
wasn't that boy she'd known all those years;
he was beautiful and strong and different and everything
she never knew she needed. And she didn't know when or how 
it would happen, but someday that boy would be hers.
Because she was made to love him."

"It's not about the friends that have been there the longest.
It really isn't. I learned that that hard way. It's 
about the ones who came, took your hand, and haven't let go since."

"But see, that's the thing. It's not for the better.
Change is never for the better when it keeps
you from forgiving and letting go."

"But they'd loved each other. With the wisdom of time
and passing of years, she knew that. She knew too, 
that love didn't evaporate. It faded, perhaps, lost in weight 
like bones left out in the sun, but it didn't go away."

"God made the world round so that if 
you two people who are meant to be together
should choose to take different paths in life, 
they would wrap around and end up right
back to each other to meet again."

"When my heart is overwhelmed:
Lead me to the rock that is higher than I."
-Psalm 61:2

"I just love anything that makes me laugh.
I think that's important;
those stomach-wrenching, jaw-hopping laughs that 
you can taste inside and out. Feel them, and let them out."

"I don't need some elaborate apology.
I don't need you to play me our song in front of
all of our friends, or just me. I don't need you to wait
outside my class with a dozen roses. I just need 
you to tell me simply that you're sorry, and you 
need me as much as I need you."

"Different or weird, she's unique; she's special.
Don't take that for granted, because it was that 
special something that caught your eye in the first place."

"I'm too tiny for a heart this big."

"I hate that feeling when you're about to cry and someone
ask you if there's anything wrong or to cheer you up and 
you try to smile but you just physically can't do it and 
eventually the effort of trying to smile for this one person
has the tears spilling over. It makes me feel so defeated 
by life when I can't find the strength to smile in those moments."

Alright! I hope that is enough to hold you over for the long weekend! I am going home tomorrow after classes, Thursday is Veterans Day so we don't have school! I love going home! Just being in the city where my whole life has been is amazing. I can't wait to see my sister's Kelsey and Michelle! And my parents, and of course my cats! :) But anyways, I hope everyone has a good rest of the week and an amazing weekend! :)

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