Saturday, November 20, 2010

here we go again!

"In every language, how you say hello 
and goodbye are taught at the same time
for a reason because the hardest times 
in your life will revolve around
these two phases."

"I'm proud of my heart.
It's been played, broken, 
and it still works."

"Being beautiful is  more than how many boys 
you can get to look at you, or how makeup
you can wear. It's about what you live for. It's
about what define you. It's about the heart that you have, 
and what makes you special. It's about those little quirks
that make you, you. It's about knowing you are a 
creation of God, created in His image. It's about
shining for Him, no matter what else is going on 
around you. It's about going against the flow, 
and living out what you honestly think, 
and that is a beautiful thing."

"Sometimes we joke, and sometimes 
we're serious. Sometimes we're just 
random talking and sometimes we don't
talk at all. But not sometimes, but all
of the times I feel comfortable with you, 
and I trust you with every word I say. 
You're more than a friend."

"She debated leaving. He was a reason to stay, 
but he was also the reason to go. He was 
confusing her, playing with her emotions
and she needed to be set free. Until he told her 
he missed her, but he totally understood.
Then she never wanted to leave again."

"They still want each other;
they still need each other more
than anything in the world. They're 
just talking a long time to figure it all out."

"You've taught me and showed me many things.
You've taught me I can love, that people can care
about me. You showed me the feeling of being in 
someone's arms when they mean to world to you.
The feeling of compassion. So many wonderful things.
Thank you for that. You've also showed me that people
break promises, that people don't always hold true
to their word. You've taught me that you can love someone
more than anything in the world, yet hate them just as much.
You've showed me how bad it hurts to have a guy you 
love and thought loved you push you away and treat
you as if you are worthless. You've showed me wonderful 
things as well as horrible things. I do thank you for both.
You've now prepared me for the harsh world I am entering.
People who say they care, but don't always. Thank you for 
teaching me early."

"I love you. I love you not
just because you're adorable or
because you're sweet, or because you're my
best friend. I love you because you make me step
outside myself and look at who i really am.
You make me want to be a better person, 
just because you are who you are. I can 
tell you absolutely everything, and I know 
you will always listen."

"I'm trying so, so hard to move on.
I really am. I feel like I'm doing good 
without you, but then I hear a song, 
recollect a memory, or just picture your smile, 
and I break down into the worst kind of crying.
The kind of crying when your whole body
just goes numb, and you just want to 
feel something."

"You can't just give up when the
"spark" is gone. That's what's so 
different between you and all the 
other guys I've liked. Sure, you're 
different... but not in a good way.
You're just a typical boy, unintentionally
dragging along a girl because you're not sure 
what you want. Honestly, all these mixed signals -  
what do you want? Either you want me or you don't.
But I'm not going to stick around, waiting for a response.
Because you're opinion won't matter. I'm different  
from all the other girls, you'll realize that."

"Dear heart... please, please get 
over him because he is the reason 
why you are breaking. It's because
of him, so please move on. I know it's
hard but we have too. Love, Me."

"I wonder how many times we 
forgive just because we're afraid
of losing someone. Even if they
don't deserve our forgiveness."

"You're playing with my heart
and it's getting really lame.
Decide what you want.
The girl or the game."

"Mostly, the ones who leave
the biggest impact on your 
lives, stay for the shortest time."

"Just because I'm here
for you all the time, 
doesn't mean you can take
me for granted."

"Music speaks what cannot be expressed...
soothes the mind and gives it rest,
heals the heart and makes it whole,
flows from heaven to the soul."

"You could lose your pride, lose your patience, 
lose your mind, but whatever you do, 
don't lose hope."

"The key to change, is to let go of fear."

"I've spent my entire life wanting more.
Of reaching my hand out for that which 
I could never reach. Of never being enough.
I've realized that it wasn't much so much a case
of never being able to reach, but of always reaching my 
hand out again. We always want what we don't have,
and we always will. But acknowledging that fact is half the fight."

"If you aren't happy without a guy, 
you won't be happy with one."

"Don't let yourself get so angry 
that you stop loving, because 
one day, you'll wake up from 
that anger and the person you 
love will be gone."

"You never know the biggest day of your
life is going to be the biggest. The days you 
think are going to be big ones, they are 
never as big as you make them out to be in your
head. It's the regular days, the ones that start
normal. Those are the days that end up 
being the biggest."

"They still want each other, 
they still need each other more
than anything in the world.
They're just taking a long
time to figure it all out."

"The minute you think of giving up, 
think of the reason why you 
held on so long."

"In life we all have an unspeakable 
secret, an irreversible regret, 
an unreachable dream and an 
unforgettable love."

"You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist."

"It's not the goodbye that hurts 
but the flashbacks that follow."

"She's chasing after love with 
all she's got. But all she's got 
just isn't enough."

"We're never going to be 
as young as we are tonight."

"And maybe one day you'll reach
back in your file, pull out that old memory, 
and think of me and smile."

"I've become a real believer in not 
defining every single thing.
Seems like every time you think 
you've figured out what something is, 
it just becomes something else."


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