Monday, June 20, 2011

barefoot blue jean night :)

"Love comes in our lives in a tricky way. Sometimes, 
we think that we're in love not knowing we're really just 
friends. But sometimes, we stick too much to friendship
not knowing that we are already in love."

"Sometimes it's a form of love just to talk to somebody
that you have nothing in common with and still be 
fascinated by their presence."

"Be thankful of the people who told you 
that you couldn't do it, because of them, 
you're determined to."

"Happiness can be seen by everyone through the face
of the person experiencing it, but only those people
who gave it to that person can feel it's true warmth."

"They say I'm wasting my time, because you're 
never coming home. Well they used to say the world
was flat but how wrong is that now?"

"Never let someone hurt you twice. Giving a second 
chance is exposing yourself to be hurt again. If he had
done it once, it's bound to happen again. Why? Because
you gave him the idea that no matter how much he'll hurt you, 
you'd still accept him all over again."

"Sometimes all we need in life is to tell whatever
it is that we have inside. We just need to let go.
Whatever the consequences we needed, just have 
to be brave enough to stand up with our feelings.
No one said life is easy, but we should not make it a lot harder."

"I wish love is like what dentists say, 
'tell me if you can already feel the pain, 
so that I can put the anesthesia."

"Don't just wear clothes that will make you look good, 
but wear those that you are comfortable with .
Same with friends, go not with the people that will 
make you feel famous, but with the people you can
smile with, and without pretensions."

"When you love someone don't say that 
they don't love you back. Because odds
are they really do, they're just afraid to tell you."

"You don't have to rush for something. 
Remember that if it's really meant for you, 
even if somebody owns it now, no matter what 
happens, you'll have it."

"Waiting is easy, you know what's hard?
Realizing that the one you are waiting for 
is not coming back anymore?"

"Life is not an ipod to listen to your favorite 
songs. It's a radio and you must enjoy whatever
comes on it."

"Most of us can't sleep when we are
starting to fall in love. Same as we can't
sleep when that love is starting to fall apart."

"I do believe that simple things really matter because
even a simple misunderstanding can ruin everything."

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