Friday, December 10, 2010

bored and it's late, so why not?

"Oh I'm sorry, I forgot, I'm only your
friend when you have no one else."

"Don't worry about how things might turn out.
Just remember that nothing came to those who didn't try."

"Love neither because you like the person nor
because you care. Love because you know that
you can't live without that person, instead just 
love and forget about why."

"If people say something bad about you,
judge you as if they know you, don't get affected.
Just think that dogs never bark if they know the person."

"The person who loves you the most
will make you feel valued, even when you 
least deserve it."

"Letting go of someone you love is like putting 
your favorite teddy bear in a donation box. You'll
surely miss it but you know that someone deserves better."

"Everyone has someone who
challenges them and makes them shoot
for something just beyond their reach."

"Unless your name is Google, 
stop acting like you know everything."

"Love isn't about the words we say,
the actions we take, the things we do,
or the hearts we break. It's about people
who can look at each other and just know."

"Why compare yourself to others?
No one in the world can do a better
job of being you than you can."

"We all die. The goal isn't to live forever,
the goal is to create something that will."

"We picked up things from each other.
Random phrases and stupid habits.
You have to admit that we've changed each other."

"Save your heart for someone who leaves you breathless."

"An arrow can be shot only by pulling it backward.
So when life is dragging you back with difficulties,
it means that it's going to launch you into something great."

"Love comes to those who still hope although
they've been disappointed, to those who still
believe although they've been betrayed, to those
who still love although they've been hurt before."

"The truth is, I really miss what we almost had."

"The worst feeling in the world is not
being able to make the person who
makes you happiest, equally as happy."

"There was a terrible fight
when my heart and brain
fought to get over you."

"Boy are you blind?
She loves you, you love her.
So do something about it,
before she moves on."

"Love is when you find someone who didn't meet
any of your standards. And yet you still say,
finally I've found the right one."

"Just because she likes the same stuff as you,
doesn't mean she's your soul mate."

"Love doesn't mean you'll never break up or fight,
it means you'll always find a way back together."

"Most importantly; keep smiling.
Because life is a beautiful thing, and there's
so much to smile about."

"I wonder what the person I'm going to marry
is doing right now. It's weird to think that
they're walking this earth, and I might
already know them."

"Everything you have ever wanted
comes right when you stop looking for it."

this one is kind of short, but I am soooo tired. Another one tomorrow! :)

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