Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fall is finally here!

"Mathematics may not teach us to inhale oxygen,
and exhale carbon dioxide, or to love a friend and 
forgive an enemy... but it gives us every reason to 
hope that every problem has a solution.

"The greatest relationships are the ones you never
expected to be in. The ones that swept you off your
feet, and challenged every view you've ever had.

"The lower your slef-esteem is, the more likely 
you are to believe that someone else holds
the key to your happiness.

"Everyone has difficult years, but a lot of times...
those difficult years end up being the greatest
years of your life, if you survive them.

"Good things come to people who work hard...
and if they don't come, you work harder.

"If you haven't the stength to impose your
own terms upon life, you must accept the
terms it offers you.

"Sometimes when you sacrifice something 
special, you're not really losing it, you're just 
passing it on.

"Too many people go through life, running
from something that isn't after them.

"Some strangers become more important to you 
than family. Maybe because you're not expected to 
love them. You can leave them whenever you want to.
Every moment together is a choice.

"A heart craves, gets lost in everything; 
a heart that needs, finds hope in anything.

"I believe we make our own luck; it is not down 
to fate. It is down to our individual actions and choices.

"There's a huge difference between getting over things
and just getting through them.

"Friendship means understanding, not agreement. 
It means forgiveness, not forgetting. It means
the memories last, even if the contact is lost.

"Not being able to move on is psychological.
Try convincing yourself that you can, and you will.
But sometimes, even science cannot understand
what you really feel.

"There are moments when it's too quiet.
Particularly late at night or early in the mornings. 
That's when you know there's something lacking 
in your life, you just know.

"What's love? In math: a problem, in history: a war, 
in chemistry: a reaction, in art: a heart, in me: you."

"It's not the goodbye that hurts...but the flashbacks that follow."

"Affection is responsible for nine-tenths
of whatever solid and durable happiness
there is in our lives."

"Even people who were born to inspire, need inspiration."

"If your presence doesn't make an impact, 
your absence won't make a difference."

"Never stop trying to show her how much she 
means to you, even after you've got her."

"No matter who you are or what you do. 
There will always be someone opposing you.
Why waste your time caring about what they think?"

"You know my name, not my story.
You've heard what I've done, not
what I've been through. So stop judging me."

"I dare you to let me be your, your one and only.
Promise I'm worth it to hold in your arms, so come
on and give me the chance to prove I'm the one who 
can walk that mile until the end starts."

"I might have erased your texts, but I will never
forget what you wrote. We might have 
stopped talking, but I will never forget your voice.
We might have stopped hugging, but I will never
forget how you smell. Anything you did, I will never forget."

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